Communication is how

we connect

with those around us!


Communication is

not just words!

It is gestures, our body,

giggles, signs and pictures

Every child is unique!

We personalise therapy to

your personality and passions!

We partner with you because

communication is everyday!


Passion is at

the heart

of what we do!


Results are what

we strive for!


Speech Therapy for Kids

Speech Therapy for kids and teens relies on building great connections and staying playful and following your child’s interests.

Speech Therapy for Adults

Speech Therapy isn’t just for kids. As you navigate life the demand for proficient and masterful communication skills grows exponentially.

Online Speech Therapy

Are you international, rural or remote or find it hard to get to therapy?

Our online sessions are exactly like our in-person services.

Speech Therapy Redcliffe

Speech Therapy in Redcliffe

We have been proudly providing speech therapy in Redcliffe for over 23 years.

Known as the blue house in Clontarf.  We love providing support to our families near and far.

We provide speech therapy to local families and those who are a little further away in all states of Australia and even overseas.

The Home of Sounds to Letters

We are the home of Sounds to Letters a multimodal literacy program that suits all learners.

The program has been developed over the last 25 years and teaches anyone to read and spell.

It develops the underlying basics, skills and knowledge at each person’s own rate of learning.  From learning letters to suffix rules and everything between.

Speech Therapy office
Speech therapy dogs

Our Therapy Dogs

Hamish and Murphy are therapy dogs who have been working with Melinda for sixteen years.  Let us know if you are not comfortable with dogs and we will make sure that they are in another room.

Hamish and Murphy are second generation spoodles who don’t drop hair and have a low allergy coat.


We can’t share our testimonials with you due to our professional association, Speech Pathology Australia’s strict rules on advertising. That includes no reviews on our Facebook page.

Did you know?

Speech Pathologists train for four years fulltime or a Masters degree for two or three years fulltime.  They study subjects like neuroanatomy and neurophysiology along side psychology, statistics, speech, language and communication.

Are you eligible for a rebate?

Check out the funding page to see if you might be eligible for a rebate.

Private Health

Experience with diagnoses

Speech therapy for a range of diagnoses:
Developmental Language Disorder
Traumatic Brain Injury
Cleft Palate
Down Syndrome
Fragile X
Hearing Impairment
and more

Did you know?

We keep your child’s file until they are 25. If you see us as an adult we keep the files for 7 years after your last appointment. Your file is stored off site in a secure location.  Files are destroyed after this time.