Speech Therapy in Redcliffe and Australia

Are we the right Speech Therapist for you?

Speech & Language Support Services is dedicated in providing speech therapy for toddlers, children, teenagers and young adults to help them achieve their full potential.

The practice was established in 2001 when I wanted to provide therapy that met children’s needs without limits.

I was frustrated with services where many children received little to no service, at best a band-aid service.  Every child has the right to therapy.  From a child with a lisp or mild difficulty to those children with severe difficulties, they should be able to access therapy for as long as they require.  The dots in our motto “Helping you achieve …” represents whatever needs to be mastered.  That will be different for everyone.

I started the practice at home until I ran out of time and space.  With a “no waiting list” policy I moved the practice so that I could employ another Speechie, let alone the long needed reception team.  Wanting to keep that warm and nurturing environment I had at home I renovated the office with clients voting on the paint colours.  That outside colour was not my pick, so now we have the big blue house.  I hope you feel at home when you walk into our reception space, that’s more like a lounge room than an office and sink into the chairs with a tea or coffee.

When asked what I do, I have always been stumped.  “Speech Pathologist” has always been met with “so you fix lisps”.  Yes I fix lisps but I can do so much more!  It wasn’t until I stumbled on this quote by Rita Pierson that the answer became clear.  I am your champion, I believe in you, I will never give up and I will help you overcome whatever challenges you face; to become all you can be.
Melinda Cassells

We can help your child with:

Early development
Social thinking
and more

Did you know

Speech Pathologists train for four years fulltime or a Masters degree for two years fulltime.  They study subjects like neuroanatomy and neurophysiology along side psychology, statistics, speech, language and communication.


Ooopppsss we can’t share our testimonials with you due to our professional association, Speech Pathology Australia’s strict rules on advertising. That includes no reviews on our Facebook page.

Experience with a range of diagnoses

We provide speech therapy for a range of diagnoses including:
Cleft Palate
Down Syndrome
Fragile X
Hearing Impairment
and more.

Worried your child is not ready

Your child does not need to be able to sit at a table and chair to do therapy. We have space to play with a swing, trampoline and other equipment.

Now is the best time to start therapy.

Online Speech Therapy

Are you international, rural or remote or find it hard to get to therapy?  Endless waiting lists.  We have availability now.

We can help with online speech therapy.  Our online sessions are exactly like our in-person services.

Are you eligible for rebates or funding

Check out the funding page to see if you might be eligible for a rebate.

Private Health

Individualised Program

Our therapists are here to meet your child at their developmental level, develop an individualised program that will best suit your child’s learning style.

Play Therapy is harder than it looks

Incorporating your child’s goals into play is so much harder than table top activities. When we are playing with your child we are constantly thinking about following their lead, keeping their engagement, meeting speech and language goals. It’s quite a work out.


Families are an integral part of the team. We have a range of resources in our library for you to borrow.  From early development, sign language, communication, speech, feeding, behaviour, toileting and more.

Did you know

We keep your child’s file until they are 25. If you see us as an adult we keep the files for 7 years after your last appointment. Your file is stored off site in a secure location.  Files are destroyed after this time.


A multimodal literacy program that suits all learners. The program has been developed over the last 21 years and teaches anyone to read and spell.

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Why I live in mortal dread of public speaking. Megan shares what if feels like to sing like an angel and stutter when she speaks.

TED talk Susan Cain

The power of introverts.  Not every child needs to be a Type A personality.  The world works because we have introverts.